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How Are You Being Generous This Week?

Updated: Jun 5

"In the world of Christian business, we are called to embody the spirit of generosity in all that we do. This week, let's make a concerted effort to live out this calling by extending kindness and abundance to those around us. Whether it's offering a listening ear to a client in need, showing appreciation to our supporters, or supporting a charitable organization that aligns with our values, there are countless ways to demonstrate generosity in our professional endeavors. By embracing the principles of Christian stewardship and generosity, we cultivate the love and grace of God in our business practices. Let's commit to being vessels of generosity this week and beyond, knowing that our acts of kindness can make a lasting impact on the lives of others and bring glory to His name."

Want to learn more about what I have say about Generosity, Watch the "Learning Generosity" sermon I preached last Shabbat, at the link below.

A Talk With Dr. Tamika Hall

Watch the playback on Instagram Live from my Talk with Dr. Tamika Hall about her newly published book, "The Man Fast", during our Relaunch, Rebrand, Rebirth discussion.

Dr. Tamika helps singles live righteously. She shares how she published "The Man Fast" God's way and how its outselling all other publications.

Watch "How I Sell My $4000 Offer" on YouTube for Faith Based Business Training:

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