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Our Story.

India is a women's minister and business mentor who left a lucrative career in banking and finance behind to serve God. India grew up in a Christian home as the youngest of two older siblings. She excelled academically and had two loving hardworking parents who instill hard-work, entrepreneurship, and their Christian values in her.

Become a Member of Our Virtual Church

  • Weekly Insightful 6 A.M Shabbat Service

  • Recordings of Sermons Given Exclusively to Members

  • Birthday and Life Event Remembrance Greetings

  • Exclusive Invites to In-Person Events 

  • Prosperity TREE Friendship and Fellowship

  • 15% Discounted CBDQ Services 

  • In-Kind Support 

Membership offers you a community of like-minded individuals with similar goals, who meet regularly to support each other in prospering in God. Members commit to attending Church service regularly, and participate by sharing stories and information while "holding space" for the transformative growth of each individual.

Joining our church is a great way to be a part of the Cry But Don't Quit/Prosperity TREE community and connect with other like-minded Christian business professionals. 

Membership is for YOU if

  • You are highly committed to your success in God.

  • You are a do'er of the word and want biblical teachings that encourage that.

  • You have lots of good reasons why you want to earn a soul-satisfying living.

  • You're tired of trying to figure it all out on your own.

  • You will dedicate time to complete this transformational learning experience. 

  • You are ready to leverage the wisdom of others in your life. 

  • You want friends and fellowship opportunities with other like-minded believers.

Members Agree to

  • Follow the guidelines developed by our leaders.

  • Attend in-person events and weekly services as possible. 

  • Be 100% committed to your own success.

  • Hold in confidence everything shared amongst members.

  • Hold space for the transformation of individuals in the group.

  • Participate and ask for the support they need to take a leap forward.

  • Be loving and inviting to other members.

  • Seek ways to serve our church and give back. 

Membership Group Information 

Membership is confidential: Confidentiality is important to generate the full potential of the group, which encourages members to share freely, and group members will be asked to agree to our confidentiality agreement. 

Meeting Format 

Our Weekly 6 A.M. Service

Our weekly sermons are held on Zoom weekly every Shabbat at 6 A.M. EST. | Sessions are recorded for members and playbacks are distributed within 24 hours. 

6:00 to 6:15 A.M. | Greetings and Announcements


We invite members to pray for one another, share their announcements, and greet each other in the chat before we begin. 

6:15 to 6:30 P.M. | Prayer and Worship

Each service we invite a guest to lead praise and worship who help us guide in the Holy Spirit, and prepares the posture of our hearts to receive the word of the Lord. 

6:30 to 7 A.M. | Sermon

India preaches a weekly lesson.

Our 2023 Topics

Coming Soon...

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