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"Inspiring Godly Perseverance"

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CRY BUT DON'T QUIT: 6 Weeks to Life's Success With India Miles

We meet weekly on Thursday at 6:00 P.M. EST for a 90-Minute Live Business Training with Coach India who helps structure Christian brands who want to create signature packages valued at $2497+. 

*All Sessions are recorded. Playbacks, Technical Assistance, and Unlimited Text/Email Access for the Duration of this Program is included in the price of $3997. 

Our Mission 


Our mission for Cry But Don't Quit: Six Weeks to Life's Success With India Miles, program is to build highly impactful, profitable, successful Christian Brands whose owners enjoy the confidence and freedom found from having an overall better quality of life

You can expect an instant boost in confidence, clarity, positive business results, and to learn proven operating systems that help you organize your business tasks and improve your productivity that in turn give you an ideal work life balance.


My methodology for life's success is, any work that you do as a disciple of Christ is your best life. It's worth it. 


My approach to teaching is listed below:


- introspection and alignment to examine and observe your own mental and emotional processes.

- the technical, spiritual, and interpersonal insight necessary to help you reach your business goals. 

- organization, practical profit-driven business advice, simplified systems and sales solutions.

- affordable marketing, branding, and peer to peer sales training.


Here’s the breakdown week to week as it coincides with the handbook:


Week 1: Read and Review Chapter 1 & 2;


We teach for 90 Minutes: Making a Powerful First Impression. We will revamp your company's "Why Statement" and recreate it as a piece of promotional media done in both written form and/or a video recording that shares your personal introduction and statement of intent with your future supports for the purpose of making a powerful first impression.


Application Exercise: I will teach you how to create a personalized 'Why Statement" that shares your Christian values, a short personal yet powerful introduction, and your statement of intent with your consumers for the purpose of building trust, and forming a more meaningful connection with your supporters. Why are you passionate about the work you're doing? During this week you'll answer that and we will also outline your standard business operations, outline your signature offer, and revamp and finalize your company website.

1:1 Technical Support in the form of web-design and business writing is made available to students at no additional cost.


All tasks from Week 1 are required to be completed before our next class. 

Week 2: Read and Review Chapters 3 & 4:


We teach for 90 Minutes: Brand Development. You will identify and choose your target market demographic. You will learn Brand Voice, Brand Promise, and Brand Story and create your own, and learn how to use your own personal Christian values to write and publish your companies core values. You will also learn what the use is for a website's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and what needs to be included in your Sales Contract. 

Application Exercise: You will write and publish your company's core values using your new Personal Mission Statement, Brand Promise, Brand Voice, and Brand Story. Which is important for controlling your own narrative and setting realistic consumer expectations. You will also publish a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your website and create your Sales Contract.


This week's training will help you determine your branding and how your anticipate interfacing with the public in a more personal and professional manner. 


You will be required to draft your Brand Promise, Brand Story, Company pillars and identify your Brand Voice during class. You will present it to class for critiques for valuable feedback. 


Week 3: Read and Review Chapters 5 & 6;


We teach for 90 Minutes: Main Character Energy. This week you will learn how to structure a high-value signature offer that's valued at $2497 to $25,000. You will be taught the main components of what's necessary for building a successful signature offer and how to conduct you own market research and proof of concept that accompanies the planning, pricing, and trouble-shooting challenges that your offer faces. You can expect to learn how to make fast and decisive choices as an emerging leader and how to sell, sell, sell your signature offer.  


Application Exercise:  I will teach you how to be a servant's heart in business and how to build a people-first business model using ONE offer to be highly impactful and profitable. Expect to learn how servant-leadership ensures that you never have a customer shortage.


We identify what servant leadership is based on these characteristics below: 


Decisiveness - the ability to make decisions quickly


Fairness - Treating others with equity


Enthusiasm - motivating a team with a positive attitude.


Integrity - earning the respect of others


**We will identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and discuss them openly during class. You will be asked to set measurable goals and a plan of action to improve your leadership skills.


I will teach you how to promote your new offer using The Power of 10 which teaches multiplicity by ten when growing your outreach and evangelism. You will also learn how to use faith to grow your spiritual intuition through the power of meditation and prayer. 

Week 4: Read and Review 7 & 8:


We teach for 90 Minutes: Fellowship With The Lord and Others. Learn prayers, scriptures, and spiritual best practices that supports your daily decision making, protects against distractions and discouragement, and gives clarity, confidence, and courage to run a faith based business.

We will discuss Social Sequencing, which is your schedule for maintaining your social presence when promoting your signature offer. Your current public image i.e. your social media pages, websites, newsletters, blogs, and associations will be critiqued. 

Application Exercise: You will learn how to be a servant like Jesus. You will commit 90 days to consistently serving people from within your target demographic "FOR FREE" using your free digital marketing tools i.e. social media, word of mouth, and your personal network. 


You will create a freebie i.e FREE Facebook Group, eBook, Lives, Newsletter, Podcast, etc., and commit to personally connecting with and serving 100 people from within your target demographic. 


You will be provided sales training on how to present your free give-aways, lead topic discussions, spotlight and celebrate newcomers, develop content, share your insight, and position yourself as a resource in order to secure opportunities and source paying clients. 

You will also learn how to hear and trust God clearly in business and source paying clients through the power of belief. 


Week 5: Read and Review Chapter 9:

We teach for 90 Minutes: Self Worth and Alignment. Business plans share your firms goals, plans, strengths and weakness, and market viability. Your business plans are a reflection of your own self-worth. This week you will learn how to "Be the Brand" in all aspects of your life. When you're in faith based business your business is your life, it's closely interwoven into the fabrics of who you are and who you believe you're capable of becoming. 

We will review each question listed below during class. 

Application Exercise:  You will learn how to write a six-month Business Plan which requires you to organize your business goals into four interims: Objective, Market Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Financial Projections. 

You will be required to complete a six-month business plan before next-class.

These Are The Questions Your Plan Should Answer:

What are your overall business objectives?


Give me (3) companies that are currently successful that reflect yours.


How do those companies market themselves? Compete? Sell what they do?

What professional expertise do you have that qualify you for this role?

What professional associations do you have?


How many hours weekly are dedicated to sales?


How many hours of time each week you will invest in your personal/professional development? In what way?

How many hours of time each week your will invest in your business growth? In what way?

How many hours each week are dedicated to supporting clients?

How will you measure your business success in one month, (3) months, (6) months, (9) months , and a year?

What parameters are you setting for yourself if you get off track? 

What do you need to be successful? 

How many clients do you need to reach your financial goals?

What are your financial goals?

What are your expenses?


Week 6: Bonus Class (BONUS)


We will review your Business Plan during class. We will review what's required in order for you to receive your Certificate of Completion for completing this course. It's expects that within 90 business days of completing my class you show results in the form of proof of client purchase of your newly formed signature offer. 

You will be scheduled for a 1:1 Exit Interview at my discretion to be completed to review your progress and to plan next-steps. 


Your Investment


Cost: $3,997 

What You Need to Know


Class Materials: Expect a copy of the Cry But Don't Quit: 9 Step's to Living Your Best Life Now, to be mailed to you before class begins. 


When We Meet: Class meets every Thursday for six weeks at 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. EST on Zoom; each session is pre-recorded and will be redistributed to cohort members via email. 

Make-up Sessions: if you miss class you will have the opportunity to do a scheduled make up session. You will be required to watch the recording before the following session commences to ensure you do not fall behind. If you miss more than one class your permission for re-entry will be rescheduled until the next cohort. 

While You're Waiting: During the registration period you will receive regular email prompts notifying you of your status for class.  

Your Plan of Action: Before class begins you are given a (1) hour 1:1 VIP session with your instructor India Miles to clarify your goals and business needs.


Our Deliverable:  During our six weeks together you will gain clarity on who you get to serve with your business, the confidence to serve them effectively as a structured business, and the courage to overcome the many set-backs that may arise to keep going be successful in business the way God intended for you to be.


( we do not guarantee any result; all payments are final )  



After Graduation:  You will schedule an exit interview 1:1 with your instructor India Miles to talk about your progress and to discuss any additional needs you may have. 


Free Coaching:  All clients are generously extended free unlimited text and email support for the duration of class. Feel free to text/email India for mentorship, emotional support, or additional insight.  

Frame Your Paperwork: You've done it and we send you proof with a certificate of completion signed by your instructor India Miles.


Frame your certificate and use it as a testament to your staying power and daily reminder to "Cry But Don't Quit". 


"Who would think that a 15 minute call could change your life. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed India in my life. I remember our first conversation and you could relate to things I went through in the past and what I was feeling at that moment in my life. Your guidance has given me the extra push that I needed to succeed. I love what you are doing to encourage other black women to live their best lives and keep God at the forefront of all that we do. It was great to be in an environment with other black women who are also healing. It formed a sisterhood of some amazing women. Your six week course was a boost for my faith, my self-confidence, and my business. Thank you Sis! Keep Changing Lives!"

Amanda Mikinstry, Black Girl White Family Parent Coach, 2021 Course Graduate

"I told God I wanted to live my best life and then comes India N. Miles! It was through his timing and her expertise that begin to push me to walking this thing out! This book has been a great guiding tool, to build my character, confidence and spirit! I would highly recommend this book and coaching if you’re looking for a faith filled space, and ready to walk into your best life NOW!."

Lea Hortman, Millennial Business Coach, 2021 Course Graduate

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