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Dear Prospective Member,


I hope to welcome you to THE BEST NETWORK very soon. If accepted as a member your involvement is very important and incredibly valuable to our organization. Attracting opportunities here depends on how well you effectively network with others. 


Thank you so much for your interest in joining THE BEST NETWORK --- you can expect to meet other like-minded individuals, learn and grow, and build lasting relationships to live your best life. 


Why Join? 


1. You want to live a meaningful life, right? 


2. You want to add quality people to your network, right? 


3. If you succeed, you want others to, right? 


3. Yes? Great! Let's start  — Building Economic Stability Together. 


Acting on our beliefs are very important to us. It's also important to us that THE B.E.S.T NETWORK spreads one true and lasting image of success of interdependence. 



Bylaws/What's Expected: 


- attend/support events and Chapter meeting as a representative of the B.E.S.T organization and our values


- responsiveness within 72 hours, complete your welcome registration, meet your scheduled appointments, and share your announcements with our growing network to serve others as a resource


- support others; volunteer your time and join B.E.S.T in making in-kind donations of service, and financial contributions periodically, so that we can continue to grow and serve others


- always treat others with respect; we enforce a zero-tolerance policy of unprofessionalism, racism, sexism and any direct or indirect acts of discrimination or harassment. Any complaints that negatively impact the B.E.S.T brand will resort to an immediate membership termination


- we are NOT elitist; please always be kind, courteous and inclusive to B.E.S.T newcomers and non-members 


- share with us; We love celebrating wins — email us when you have good news to report. We promise to broadcast your news through all of our publicity channels. 


*a violation to any of these membership bylaws will result in an immediate termination of membership services; all membership dues are non-refundable. 


- nominate a min. of (1) qualified member to our organization a year. See membership terms for qualification details. 


We are eager to do everything we can to help you become your BEST! 


We welcome you. 


India N. Parson

Founder, Building Economic Stability Together 










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