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What God's Taught Me About Money

I preached this message of encouragement for our facebook group community a few weeks ago, and I've decided to share it here as well. I've realized that everyone doesn't see everything that's being shared so I'm being intentional about posting re-shares.

Check this out, this is a really good message to listen to if you're stuck financially.

I recently pivoted into pitching $10,000 VIP Days and it wasn't the price tag that scared me. It was doing all of the inner work that changed my personal life, my schedule, and my faith that yet again called me to trust in the Father.

Ever since the year began I have been being tested. Have you? The Lord instructed me to take my girls out of my nights...and then... "charge more and work less" and for those of us who were taught hard work equals success, this type of change is spiritual. Not physical.

Working less is a different type of belief system for us.

I've taken the month of March off from preaching to put some systems in place, but if you don't already belong to my Facebook Group, please join us to access the resources that I'm planning to share to support empowered Christian women, beginning April 1, 2023.

The Lord is telling us to trust him to be our provider. Put not our faith in us being our own provider. It will only lead to destruction.

That's all I'm released to share.

Please listen to the word of God, and let me know how it edified you.

Thank you.


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