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Things to Consider When Running a Faith Based Fashion Line

I recently got the chance to interview the brilliance behind Okai Fabrics, Letrice Okai, who tells us all about what it's really like running a faith based women's online fashion boutique.

Her secret...being bold, true to your self, and courageously creative!

....a few pro-Tips:

1. Always wear your own designs; you're always selling and you never know who's watching.

2. Attend conferences to recharge; you can be under a spiritual attack and not know it, get in the room with other prophetic prayer warriors and get help getting your spirit set free.

3. Let God lead you when leaving something guaranteed and going into entrepreneurship full-time. Financing a retail business is hard work.

Letrice says, "when God gives you an assignment it's always way bigger than you," just like in her case with her assignment. She's charged with inspiring other women of color who battle low self-esteem to love themselves as God loves them, and to not fear wearing bright colors.

Whatever your journey is, God may use it to reach someone else. In Letrice's case, her prayer, "God allow me to see me the way you see me", is a testament of God's faithfulness to her and how he began to show her, her value.

Okai Fabrics wants to inspire you to embody this belief in your own brand. Whether it's showing women of color how to overcome low self-esteem or by being bold and beautiful in your own afro-centric way, your business is more that clothing and apparel.

Inspire women of faith to live this faith-filled lifestyle proudly.

For more from Letrice Okai contact her at

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