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Shabbat: Slowing Down and Being Patient

This week I've been really focused on growing my patience. I shared in our weekly Masterclass the other night that God's been teaching me patience by giving me some really tough tests. Of which, I've been failing. But instead of viewing my failures as such, the feedback that I got from class was so helpful and it helped me view my test as a form of spiritual conditioning.

The act of learning patience was becoming an act of patience in itself. It seemed like nothing I was doing was working. It felt like I was failing in the patience department as a wife and a mom and even when it came to booking my ideal coaching clients.

Impatience was causing me problems. It constantly had me feeling like I was in a pressure cooker fighting for something that I now see would've come to me naturally had I just had the patience to wait for it. Oh, and let's talk about the waiting. My attitude and the anger I had while waited was all consuming. I was easily agitated, emotionally drained, and angry most of the time. I only got small breaks in-between each plight before all of the stress and anger came back.

My struggle with patience just became a thing recently. Before then, I had accepted that being impatient was actually a good trait. I used to believe it was good that it made me work harder and be so diligent. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It was draining me. It really kept me from enjoying the good or the bad.

Since then, I've made some personal changes that have changed my outlook entirely.

I'm happier, for one. Two I feel more connected to my surroundings and at peace - longer. Three and finally, I've got some new tools in my arsenal i.e. daily affirmations and saying my prayers out loud, wisdom, and discipline.

Patience is such a necessary tool in business. We can get so anxious at times that we can make ourselves ( and others ) sick. Who wants that? When we have to wait on God. Let's do so gracefully and with an understanding mind.

Here's my sermon on "Slowing Down and Learning Patience" where I teach a few of my newly learned spiritual tools on having patience.


Need help and accountability with patience, feel free contact me and book a scheduled appointment.

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