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Running a Faith Based Fitness Business

So God has called you to the infamous health and fitness world, are you overwhelmed by it all?

Feeling the pressure?

My friend Dione Nelson, owner of His Mind and Heart Training, is right there with you. Not too long ago she stopped, stopping.

She's allowed me to interview her to share a glimpse of what she's building.

Recently, this past July, Dione graduated from Cry But Don't Quit's 6 Week's to Life's Success w/ India Miles Business Accelerator where she's been a force on Instagram ever since.

Her goal is to keep moving...

Everybody gets stuck in overthinking, and Dione's no exception. During the course she took herself on just like she takes herself on everyday at the gym. She vowed to keep moving, no matter what, and as a result, she experienced a huge breakthrough that catapulted her launch and led her to officially announcing her coaching business publicly.

Use your story...

As for Dione's story, fitness has been in her life for a very long time. As a young child she used to get bullied by kids at school, and not take up for herself, which made her feel worthless and not ever want to feel that way again.

Her dad responded by enrolling her in Karate, and for 12 years Dione practiced and learned the discipline and self-confidence she now carries with her.

Grow Your Business With a Theme...

Dione's business preaches discipline as a way of life.

  • It takes discipline to reach your fitness goals.

  • It takes discipline to reach your personal goals.

  • It takes discipline to reach your professional goals.

Dione wants her business to teach discipline to men and women who are highly motivated and enjoy challenging themselves.

Like many others, Dione fell in love with fitness because of the effects that it has on your body. But it was after she reached her fitness goals that she found this indescribable sense of self-esteem that inspired her to hit higher heights than she ever thought were possible.

Dione is a fitness instructor, certified speaker, and wellness coach who intends to work one on one and in small groups, conduct fitness clinics, and advocate the use of movement as medicine.

Be inspirational...

Did this inspire you?

Here's to us hoping that Dione's story inspires you. Your possibilities are limitless.

Make your fitness business your own.

Let Dione know how inspirational she is, email her at directly.

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