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Money and Faith Don't Ensure Success As A Faith-based Entrepreneur

Think about it.

People will tell you that the reason your faith-based business isn't working is because you either need to reinvest more money or practice having more faith.

Both may be true, but what people don't tell you is that neither of those things exclusively ensure success. What does, is focusing your money and your faith towards the execution.

Think about it, true or false, you can have all the money in the world and still self-sabotage. Or, I bet if you tried, you can think of a man or a woman of God who lacks self-confidence.

I see it all the time, powerful preachers who struggle to apply the very words they preach.

It's all in the execution.

We're told “invest in yourself” i.e. spend more money or “pray about it” i.e. practice more faith. But what we're not told is the unglamorous truths about how hard and humbling the execution is.

It means getting uncomfortable, embracing the pain and suffering, and trekking through the uncertainty.

It means not to stop.

When we're unsure of ourselves we shrink back to what's familiar. We stop believing in our programs and we close up shop. We start pinching pennies and giving away our services because it's too painful to sell them.

What helped me was when I decided to do it afraid. Do it messy. Ugly cry if I had to...but get it done.

That's the game-changer.

I stopped cheating myself and started giving it everything I had. I told myself "what if I let this old version of myself go" ...and became the best version of myself I can be i.e. someone who finishes what I start.

Guess what? I did and it worked!

Now you do it.

Make yourself a promise, and see it through.

Let me know how it feels when you do.

I'm rooting for you!


Coach India

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