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How to Start Small and Make a Mighty Impact

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Are you just starting out? Or, has God began elevating you before you were prepared to launch? You're not alone. We'd like to introduce you to, Mrs. LaWanda Tatum, founder of The Power of One, a faith-based Parenting Coaching Firm that's helping single mothers get the love and support they deserve.

LaWanda is the epitome of faith mobilized. Like her, your yes will sometime mean that your assignment will be greater than your eyes can see but if you trust God to provide, he will. LaWanda is a leader who jumps at every opportunity to serve parents, her local community, and inspire all those under her leadership to believe they are worthy of more.

Are you "The One" God is seeking?

God will open doors and grant his favor upon you to help you impact lives. Like LaWanda, service opportunities come in many forms as a faith-based entrepreneur like, creating motivational products that inspire parents to reach higher, hosting community awareness events, coaching parents, ministering her local church, and serving her local community in government as its first female African American candidate for Mayor.

God keeps you busy.

For more from LaWanda please view her full interview here, and contact her directly via email at for more.

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