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I've Got a Christian Tee Shirt Business, Now What?!?

So you've started a Christian Apparel, Book and Coaching business, now what? Oftentimes, the product ideas come before the assignment is revealed. Before you know who the products are for there's a journey, or at least that's how it happened for business owner, J. Diane Parker

See if you can relate to Diane's story. After many years of working in security, she began pondering on the possibility of starting her own business. She thought about starting a security business since that's what she knew well, but when she prayed about it God declined it.

So, instead she published her first book, Diamond On A Dream.

She eventually felt a push to leave her full-time job, even still, without any clarity on what type of business to start. During her waiting season, she was asked by her Pastor to be a part of the hospitality ministry at her church.

Diane accepted and the opportunity to check on the well-being of others inspired her to serve others in her own business, and so God began revealing opportunities for her to do so.

Her slogan, "embracing the struggle for it's only temporary", was born, which was created to remind people that joy comes in the morning.

But because Diane is not a non-profit, she decided to create tee shirts and sell them to fund her ministry efforts...which at the time were ideas to host women's summits, help incarcerated men, and provide youth support.

Even still, she hadn't clarified who God was calling her to serve but she continued to serve God's people.

Searching your testimony and your intent...

Diane found her target market by searching her own personal testimony, there she remembered how it was for her growing up as a child who spent a lot of time in church, and how the other kids would teased her for it.

Diane sees how impactful her upbringing was, and God showed Diane the connection between her past and how to pay it forward present-day by offering her guidance and mentorship to teens.

With God you will find your way:

It's okay to change your mind. It takes faith to evolve as God reveals new things to you along your journey.

Stick with God. You will always find your way.

For more from Diane Parker email her at for more.

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