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Have You Lost Your Mind?

 Those are the words of Legacy Financial Wellness owner, Rita Stewart's husband, when she told him that God told her to quit her corporate banking job and go into ministry full-time as a ministry and financial educator. Rita left corporate in 2002 to pursue two Master degrees, one in education and the other Christian education, before officially launching her businesses in 2014 and 2017. As a ministry and non-profit business consultant and financial literacy advocate for women Rita's journey as a faith-based entrepreneur began like most, she said ,"yes", and as a result she flourished in God's favor yet still left at times figuring things out without a blueprint.

Rita never wavered from what God told her to do even after facing the uncertainty of quitting her full-time six-figure job in banking after 20 years, and forfeiting her pension, to obey God.

So yes, we'd say your "yes" requires you to lose your mind.

Which leads us to pose you with the same question, have you lost your mind, to obey God?

Has anyone ever made you feel like you have?

What did you do?

In Rita's case, she says being in a supportive community like Soulful Bridges, a support group for like-minded individuals who are in ministry and in the non-profit sector, that host virtual spiritual check-ins, helps.

Whether it's joining a preexisting group or creating your own, we strongly encourage you to get in community with others who share your desire to please God.

As for business success, Rita attributes her success to utilizing transferable skills from work in her own business, and hiring a faith-based business coach who understood the need to make money.

Join Rita's Facebook Community Money Matters and Tea and for more from Rita, watch the full interview below:

Email us at for consideration to be a faith-based feature here and please be sure to leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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