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Free "God & Business" Masterclass

#AD If you haven’t already DM’ed me, please do so now “Sales3X” to learn my SYSTEMS…SCHEDULING…and SALES STRATEGIES for Faith Based Entrepreneurship.

Attend if you are a CHRISTIAN:

💸 Self-Published Author

💸 Speaker

💸 Minister

💸 Retailer

…this is not your usual business training…

…if you are a Faith Based Entrepreneur and you’ve never received actual business training, you should attend this.

Stop scrolling and start DM’ing me “SALES3x”

…for SYSTEMS….SCHEDULING…and SALES STRATEGIES that’s specific to what Faith Based Entrepreneurs need to know.

This training is **LIVE** not prerecorded. With a bonus Q&A segment at the end.

This is my invitation to you to allow me to help you show up full-time in your God-given assignment like I do and start impacting lives like I have.

Don’t forget why you’re here.

I don’t use mainstream marketing strategies in my kingdom business and I’ve found it works better for my Christian consumers.

I work 3 nights a week and I’m a mom of 2 little kids. I have had no full-time job for (7) years. I’ve been in ministry for 10+ years. I have a business degree and 20+ years of business and sales experience.

I’m an author, speaker and the owner of an education and empowerment company that offers coaching, training events, talk show, podcast etc.

Learn from someone who’s lived it. 💪🏽

You’ve tried your way…you’ve tried it others’ way…and it’s not working. Why?

Because you’re not doing business — GOD’s WAY.

Give my Masterclass a try me and see what God has given me that helps Christian entrepreneurs like you …confidently, clearly, and courageously serve God in business.

DM me “SALES3X” …and I’ll message you the event details.

See you then!!!

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