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Cry But Don't Quit's VIP Experience, Houston TX

Houston Texas owes me nothing. I had such an awesome time this weekend serving my VIP coaching client. We’re finalizing months of being behind the scenes with building her business and as a part of her VIP experience she gets in-person brand photography from yours truly.

I’m a talented brand photographer who refuses to pass my clients over to secular photographers who don’t execute my vision for my clients well. I flew in personally to take her personal branding photos so that I can ensure she gets what she needs to represent her Christian Beauty company excellently, and by the grace of God the weather turned out to be on my side.

There were clear skies and warm weather upon arrival. With the highlight of my trip being the ability to connect with a few of my other clients who live in Houston, and are serving God in marketplace ministry in their own rights, over dinner and brunch in some of Houston’s premier restaurants.

I haven’t stopped smiling since. It was such a great weekend and I’m so glad I designed these VIP experiences this way. It gives me a reason to step away from Zoom, travel, and be creative all at once.

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