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Client News: Do It Afraid, Tiffany Sherice

Updated: Nov 6

A few week's ago, I had the pleasure of attending October's Fearless Friday event in support of my client, Tiffany Sherice. Tiffani and I worked together to revamp Fearless Friday, an event that Tiffany created. We took it from being a social event opened to the general public, to being a signature event that now exclusively serves and empowers Christian women guests. We minimized her expenses, revised her business model and fee structure, helping Fearless Friday become a profit-generating Christian branded event.

Tiffany's goal as a solo gospel artist, with her hit single "Do It Afraid", is to be an inspiration to other aspiring creatives. She hopes that sharing her journey of overcoming her fears will inspire others to push through and do the same.

Tiffany took the Cry But Don’t Quit six-week business course for Christian business training, clarity, support, and the reassurance that she needed to relaunch her business and reach her goals.

Cohort #12 are all so proud.

Congrats again, Tiffany.

Contact: Tiffany at for more.

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