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3 Success Tips for Online Christian Black Professional Women

Here are 3 tips that I've used successfully online:

Tip 1:

Delete accounts on your Facebook and Instagram friends' list that aren't a mirror of your level of professionalism. Delete family, friends, and strangers who are using their page for recreation if you're using your pages to position yourself for advancement. Just like in real life your connections matter. Start weeding.

Tip 2:

Invest in getting a professional headshot and high resolution photos done. It increases your credibility. Stop posting selfies and grainy, inappropriate, unprofessional photos of yourself online for the world to see. And if you've changed professions, gone through life changes, or switched businesses hide or archive all the photos that no longer reflect who you are anymore.

Tip 3:

Stop being anti-social on social media. Social media is here to stay and it's the future of connectivity. If you're afraid to speak up and talk to strangers then don't expect to succeed online (or in person for that matter). Stop being anti-social. Send friend requests to pages that share the same goals and interests you have and then engage with them. If you don't know how, research it. No excuse. You don't need to have a strategy or an agenda. Start by just speaking!

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