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3 Marketing Tips For Faith Based Coaching

Have you ever found yourself explaining yourself, and what you do? Do people often-times assume incorrectly with the type of coach that you are? The problem might be your niching.

Need help stopping your customers from assuming incorrectly?

When this happens to Personal Success Coach, Shelita Winfield Duke, owner of SheWin Unlimited LLC., she has learned a few useful pointers that she can offer us about niching as a faith based coach that she uses:

First off...

  1. Control your narrative. You're responsible for informing your consumer.

  2. Be clear on who your client is, and who your client is not.

  3. Focus on solving one problem.

For Shelita, there's often confusion as to whether or not she's a business coach. This is the case because she coaches both employed women and female faith based entrepreneurs who struggle with self-worth issues.

This used to present her with a challenge when marketing because in order to market to entrepreneurs she would be confused as a business coach, instead of a personal success coach.

Instead Shelita chose to stay in the lane that God gave her, and support the women who her personal journey most relates to.

As for niching...

Niche keywords are the highly specific long-tail keywords that pertain to a narrow industry vertical. Click here for a FREE Keyword Tool

  • use keywords when describing what you do in your industry ( i.e. Christian Coach, faith based life coach, therapy self esteem, fixing low self esteem, self worth issues, self worth problems )

  • where do I add the most value?

  • how can I leverage my experience?

  • what do I enjoy doing?

  • how can I solve a problem that gives a clear ROI to the client?

Let us know if you have any questions, and please share how you liked our FREE Keyword tool. Was it helpful?

You can contact Shelita Winfield Duke by email her for more.

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