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Congrats Graduate!

Please register below to receive your graduation cap and certificate of completion...

All Cohort's are being invited to celebrate you! 

You're the first ever for this! 

Relish in your moment...and then GET TO WORK! 


I know a lot has changed since you said yes to my course. You're not the same. I want to keep reminding you that we're in this together. 

I've done everything you're about to do and I would prefer it if you messaged me before you spend and money that you don't need to. 

I am available for you 24/7. ASK ME FOR HELP. 

In addition to that, graduation isn't where the road ends for us. We are introducing monthly check-ins solely for graduates - FOR FREE. 

Every first Wednesday I will be making myself avaialable to support you and keep you connected with your Cry But Don't Quit Cohort Sisters. 

You're always welcome to join us in our Mastermind but it's not necessary for you to access this exclusive offer. 

Just keep showing and reaching further than you're used to and God will meet you the rest of the way. 

What You Can Expect

You can deal with change because the Bible promises that we can do all things in Christ. He will strengthen us through the new season (Philippians 4:13) 


Change and transition is a part of the process. One day you'll feel like you have everything figured out and then the next you'll feel like everything is falling apart. 


And that's actually a good thing. That's why having a supportive community is so important. DO NOT ISOLATE. Lean into being vulnerable and sharing your hardships with your Graduate club and allow your fellow Cohort members to encourage and support you, and you them.


Please register to attend graduation and leave us your mailing address so we can support and celebrate you on December 15, 2022.


This is a BIG deal!!!!

2022 Graduation Ceremony - December 15, 2022 at 5 PM ET. 
Please RSVP below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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