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India is a dynamic Christian motivational speaker and talk show host whose journey from abuse, abandonment, and being coerced into marriage at sixteen to becoming a successful faith-based entrepreneur, wife, and mother is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

As a motivational speaker, she captivates audiences with her inspiring narrative, fostering engagement, trust, and tenacity within organizations. Her ability to connect deeply with her audience leaves a lasting impact, motivating individuals to support and fund faith-based initiatives.

In her book "Cry But Don't Quit: 9 Steps to Living Your Best Life Now!", India champions empowered women who, despite their own self-worth issues, serve as a source of strength for others. She offers guidance and motivation to readers who find the staying power needed to overcome personal hardships, grow their faith-based brand, and trust in God for their best life.

For a more in-depth personalized mentorship experience, explore India's six-week business accelerator called, "Cry But Don't Quit: 6 Weeks to Life's Success with India Miles." This business accelerator was designed by India to dive deep into her book's nine steps and help Christian Brands gain clarity on their digital marketing direction and transform into profitable and impactful companies that Glorify God. For more details, click here.

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