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India Miles

Fundraising Mastery

 India Miles teaches her approach to structuring, marketing, and launching an impactful fundraising campaign.

Course Creator: India Miles

Duration: 6 weeks, 90 minutes per week, live-training

Price: $3997

India Miles began her career in sales, banking, and the financial services industry, where she conceived the concept of purpose-driven profitability in the business world. Renowned for her innovative business acumen and devout Christian beliefs, India now specializes in sharing her business expertise to assist fellow nonprofit leaders in the social services industry craft, market, and launch impactful fundraising campaigns.


India's six (6), 90-minute online classes provide students with comprehensive technical support to craft a sustainable fundraising campaign. You'll define your target market, set payment methods, and explore effective promotional approaches for digital marketing. Additionally, you'll develop compelling messaging and receive guidance on advertising tactics. The course covers the latest fundraising techniques and offers insights into daily workflow, including donor intake processes, RFP and contract development, payment processing, security measures, company policies, and industry-specific best practices. Tailored for hands-on learners with a servant mentality, this course offers exceptional value and the unique opportunity to be featured on The Cry But Don't Quit Show™.


In the course's final module, students receive assistance with ad development and the exclusive opportunity to be featured on The Cry But Don't Quit Show™, a Christian YouTube talk show dedicated to providing valuable insight to aspiring philanthropists while sharing the lived experiences and lessons of our inspirational guests. You will participate in an in-studio interview and create a concise 15-second promotional commercial, expertly produced and hosted by India. She guides you in crafting visually compelling promotions that will reach an estimated audience of 50,000 viewers and generate over 450k impressions on her platform. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a personally signed certificate of completion from India, along with ongoing text/email support. All of this at no additional cost.

"In the season in my life when I felt like giving up on what God called me to do, God spoke to me, saying 'Cry But Don't Quit, Daughter,' and prompted me to title my book with those words. Today, Cry But Don't Quit™ stands as a testament, showing that fulfilling your calling as a charity leader is possible despite life's hardships."

~ India Miles, Christian Self-Help Author, Speaker/Trainer, Founder & CEO, Principal Success Coach, Cry But Don't Quit Success Coaching LLC.™ 

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